What’s New in Windows 11 and how to Free Upgrade or Download Windows 11?

What's New in Windows 11

The newest version of Windows is currently on the way, and anyone who is already using Windows 10 can upgrade to the new Windows 11 for free. The expected launch date is rumoured to be sometime in October later this year. Subscribers of the Windows Insider Program can download Windows 11 Insider Preview build where they are able to get a taste of the new features.

A new upgrade to any system is always an exciting affair, especially since there haven’t been any significant updates to the Windows operating system lately. Read on to find out about the top features and how to download or upgrade to get access as quickly as possible!

Features of Windows 11

The new design would be streamlined with rounded corners and would use pastel colours. There is also a new sound for starting up, and it would have a different look, which is reminiscent of the Apple iOS. Also, the start menu would be moved to the middle of the screen rather than the bottom left corner with the application icons surrounding it.

There will also be plenty of new desktop tools, like widgets that you can get a wide variety of information from, which makes creating a virtual desktop easier. Another great feature is that all Android-based applications can now be integrated into the system. These can be easily installed from the Microsoft store so one can enjoy all of the same applications on their phone as well as the desktop.

Another new feature is the snap layouts and groups, which are just groups of open windows. They can be arranged into various layouts on your screen and then saved in your chosen arrangement. These are then called snap groups which will appear in the taskbar, so you can access them easily, and maximize and minimize them at the same time.

How to Install or Download Windows

For those who have signed up for Windows Insider Program and don’t want to keep waiting until it is finally released, it is possible to download the first build. This would allow the user to test some of the newest features before the complete release, but as a prerequisite, they need to be using Windows 10. If you haven’t signed up for this group, you should go ahead and do that to get started.

This is still the beta version of the software, so bear in mind it can be buggy, and it is not advisable to use it on your primary computer. Most people might want to wait until the public beta version is released, which would be in July. However, the general release would be later in the year and you might not get all of the new features that would be part of the general release.

For those who are still interested in downloading or installing Windows 11 beforehand, here are the steps to follow:

  • Ensuring that you are running Windows 10, which needs to be licensed, and you must be the administrator on your computer. If you haven’t already signed up, then register for the Windows Insider program and sign in to your account.
  • Once you have logged in, then you need to choose Start flighting and then go to the Settings – Update & Security – Windows Insider Program and select get started.
  • Choose Pick an account to get started and then push the + to connect your Microsoft account that you had registered with before continuing.
  • Follow all of the instructions to pick the channel and experience that you want, including the developer option, early adopters or even if you want to get the latest version right before it is released.
  • Review the full terms and privacy statement before clicking confirm and then choosing to restart the computer.
  • After the computer has restarted, ensure your data settings have been properly set up to allow you to download the preview builds. To complete this, head to Settings – Privacy – Diagnostics & feedback and select the on switch for Optional diagnostic data.
  • Next, head to Settings – Update & security – Windows update and hit the button to check for updates. The latest build for Insider previews will appear here depending on the settings that were picked.
  • Once this is completed, the device would update in the same manner it would for any other update. Voila! However, for those who want to wait and download the new operating system once released to the general public, here are the steps to follow:
  • Visiting Settings – Update & security – Windows update and choose the check for updates button. If it is available for your system, then the feature update to Windows 11 will show up, and you can choose to download it and install it. This method will be much faster and easier than trying to get it beforehand.

This update would be the most significant change to the operating system since the 2015 launch of Windows 10. Rumours have been abounding regarding the significant redesign over the last year. On May 25th, Satya Nadella, the CEO, announced at the developer’s conference that they were creating “one of the most significant updates of Windows of the past decade.” Ensure that you know what you need to do ahead of time to be prepared and enjoy the latest updates!

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