Top 5 Indian Electronics Companies | List of India Electronics Manufacturing Companies

Top 5 Indian Electronics Companies

There are several Indian Electronics brands that can stand toe to toe with their global counterparts and give electronic giants like Sony or LG a run for their money. Indian brands such as Godrej or Onida have inspired trust for generations and lit up Indian homes with happiness, bringing these families countless smiles over the years. Today we outline the top five Electronics product manufacturing companies from India.

Top Indian Electronics Companies

1. Godrej

Headquartered in Mumbai India, this company was founded in 1897 by the Godrej family. This company has operations outside of electronics that extend as far as the realm of aerospace and defense. There is no discounting the potential of this gigantic Indian conglomerate. Godrej electronics has forged a market not only in home-appliances but also commercial appliances and vending machines. This Indian brand name has come to be synonymous with trust and assurance and has a turnover of US$4 Billion.

2. Bajaj

The Group Bajaj is a multifaceted Indian multinational company founded by Jamnalal Bajaj in 1926. They have widespread operations in electronics, automobiles, and financial services. The Bajaj Group has an estimated turnover of US$5.3 billion. Bajaj is a celebrated Indian brand and the electronics side of the company launched in 1983, manufactures home appliances, kitchen appliances, TV sets, home theatres, personal grooming, Mobile sets, laptops, and accessories.

3. iBall

Another young Indian company that has made a name for itself in the ambit of tech accessories. iBall manufactures speakers, security optics, laptops, power banks, headphones, and computer accessories and a part of its manufacturing operations are currently housed in China. It was founded in 2001 by Anil Parasrampuria. Back then it was a company that sold computer mice. Needless to say, it has come a long way since then. Currently headquartered in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, it has an estimated revenue of US$170 million.

4. Onida

Onida was founded in 1981 as a TV manufacturing brand, when G.L Mirchandani and Vijay Mansukhani started assembling TV sets in their humble factory in Andheri, Mumbai. They were registered as M/s Mirc Electronics. They later branched out from manufacturing television sets alone, into launching a full-fledged electronics company that kept growing and reinforcing its product portfolio. The second generation of Mirchandani and Mansukhanis have however broken from the family business and forged their own paths in life, but the legacy of Mirc Electronics continues and the company is estimated to have shown an astounding growth in their sales of Aircons, microwaves, and washing machines in the last year. Onida has a turnover of US$210 million.

5. Bharat Electronics

BEL or Bharat Electronics Limited is a government-owned niche Indian electronics company that specializes in the manufacture of electronic equipment for the Indian Army and Airforce. BEL is headquartered in Bangalore and was founded in 1954. They make Defence communication products, naval systems, electronic warfare systems, Tank and armored vehicle electronic systems, simulators, weapon systems, and other sophisticated electronic equipment of warfare. They also manufacture non-defense security systems. They have a highly skilled workforce and exceptional infrastructure. The BEL is a stellar unit of the Indian Government and has a commendable overseas market as well as an exclusive line of investors.

Indian entrepreneurs such as Bajaj who are traditionally established, as well as companies like iBall or Onida that came up in the later years, and what they were able to achieve, only go to show that India has promise. Its businessmen have the right acumen and perseverance required for success. With the right support from the government and wise economic policies outlined to facilitate start-ups and young business prodigies, products and services made in India will not only be able do exceptional work here but also succeed in forging an international market for their products.

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