Top 10 Security Camera Features You Need for Your Home

Top Security Camera Features

Security cameras are becoming exceedingly popular in the ambit of not just secure office spaces, but also our homes. So many of us spend long hours at work, we may be forced to leave a child or a pet at home. We can endlessly worry and wonder about their well-being while we are away from home.

These feelings of uncertainty can now very easily be eliminated by just installing a security camera in our home. These cameras are small, easy to install, and can be easily linked to our phones. A one-time initial set-up is required, where we connect the camera device with our mobile device using the home wi-fi connection.

We would be prompted to download an app on our phone, that corresponds to the camera we intend to use. The setting up is easy and the steps are clearly illustrated in a manual that comes with the camera. It takes under 5 minutes to set it up. Then all that is left to do is to place the camera in a spot of our choice, allowing us a view of the space we want to monitor.

Security cameras can be bought for as cheap as INR 1000. However, there are also high-end options for those who want the most cutting-edge experience. If the concept of a home security camera is somewhat new to you, here are some pointers you may want to keep in mind while choosing a camera for your home space.

Top Features in Security Cameras

1. HD quality video

You want to have a crisp, clear view of everything that is going on inside your home, which is why you want at least 1080p HD. Some models may have up to 2K resolution for precise and crystal-clear images.

2. Field of view

This will tell you just how much of the area of your home you can see. Most cameras will even allow a swivel view up to some degrees from the spot where it’s stationed. You want a camera with a field view of at least 110° or higher so it allows you to see a good portion of the space that you want to monitor. Watch out for any models that might give a distorted or blurred side-view. Most cameras in the INR 2000 range and above come with a full 360° HD viewing experience.

3. Zoom, tilt, and digital pan functions

If you are looking at a camera that doesn’t have the best field of view, then you want to have the best digital pan, tilt, and zooming features. This would also help you get a much closer look at what is happening, especially if it is happening outside of the camera’s field of view. Search for a model that would allow you to tilt or zoom using the smartphone application.

4. Smart home capability

If all of your other appliances are connected to your intelligent home system, then you want to make sure this can be as well. This can be achieved in various ways, including using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant through voice commands. Some providers have created smartphone applications or devices that can be connected to control everything.

5. Motion Detection

Being able to set alerts for motion detection, through the mobile application or the smart home system, is a great way to keep abreast of what is happening in your home space in real-time while you are away.  You will get an alert when the camera senses movement and you can tune in to see the activity live. You can also talk to the other individual using the dual-way audio. Some cameras will let you specify the exact area of your choice for motion detection.

For example, you may choose to set this alert for the area around your entrance. This way every time someone walks in, you get an alert and you can quickly check who your visitor is. This is perfect for those who want alerts for different home areas, including the driveway, pool, or backyard. If you have small children and want to keep track of them quickly and get notifications of where they are moving, then this is something you need to have.

6. 2-way audio

Dual-way audio allows you to speak to guests while outside the home or even people in another room. Think of this feature as similar to an intercom, but being used through a mobile application.

7. Storage options

It is possible to store recordings of footage from your security camera. Some cameras will have in-built physical storage, some may offer the option of an SD card. The third option is buying cloud space to store these videos. The camera manufacturers may have their own cloud or you can use a cloud space of your choice for this data. If you are choosing local storage, you need to consider the memory card capacity that the camera would hold. Cloud storage would be easy to store and encrypt the videos while ensuring that you can easily access them on your phone. Once you decide what storage option you want to use, then you can narrow down the camera options utilizing that method.

8. Night vision

Those living in a dangerous neighbourhood may want to get a security camera with night vision. This will also work if you pick one that allows for low-light recording to see what is happening quickly. This may not be a key feature that you need for your home.

9. Intruder Alarm System

If your house is locked while you are away and there happens to be a break-in, the intruder alert will notify you of the presence of a trespasser. If the security camera has this feature, it can also be set to ring a loud siren to alert neighbours or chase an intruder off.

10. Waterproof

The final feature to consider is durability or weather resistance. Some cameras are waterproof or weather-resistant and capable of functioning in all kinds of temperatures such as rain, snow, or dust. The cameras can be IP00 to IP60 in terms of weather protection.

Gaining a basic understanding of the various features can be helpful while figuring out which ones would be important to you specifically for your household. Perhaps you could do without features like cloud storage or night-vision while motion sensors or intrusion alarms may be much more critical features to you. Do your research so you can make the most informed final decision about the safety of your home and ensuring the security of your loved ones.

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