The New Philips Fresh Air Mask Takes the Indian Market by Storm

Philips Fresh Air Mask

For those looking for a new mask that will not only protect you from COVID, but also from the increasing levels of air pollution in the country, the Philips Fresh Air model is ideal. This model not only works as a mask, but it also purifies the air that we inhale to ensure that we get clean fresh air. This was recently launched by Royal Philips, which is a health technology company, on Saturday. Turns out, during the initial usage it can get rid of 95% of the 3µm particles.

This was recently launched in India and it is called the Fresh Air Mask. It combines amazing breathing comfort with a contemporary design and great filtration performance. This is ideal for protection from various air pollutants all over India, which is one of the most polluted places on earth. The design incorporates a state-of-the-art electronic fan for fresh air. The fan can be set to three speeds, namely low, medium, and high. You can set your fan speed to high while hiking or exercising, even during commutes in crowded trains, and never be out of breath again.

The dynamic design increases the performance of air ventilation inside. This means that every second you are getting fresh air, with decreased CO2 levels and less humidity underneath the mask. You get cooler, drier, and fresher air each second. The Fresh Air Mask aids to make breathing more comfortable for the wearer, checks bacteria, germs, and other viral antigens from getting into the air you breath. It reduces allergic reactions that can be caused by dust and pollution.

This mask was originally designed before the pandemic, yet its popularity is only increased after Covid-19 hit us. Before it was recently launched in India, it was already wildly popular in China. Asia is the target consumer base for the Philips Fresh Air Masks, which is for some reason not that common in the US or Europe. These masks are now available for both adults and children. Priced at INR 6990, they offer impressive longevity and one may continue to use them by changing the filters at reasonable intervals.

The mask fits snugly on the face and comes with a nose clip and adjustable straps so you can loosen or tighten the mask according to the shape of your face. The fan module has a charging port that needs to be charged before the first usage and it can last for around 2 to 3.5 hours after the charging is complete. To ensure that the air purification is at the highest efficiency level the filter needs to be changed out after being used for 40 hours. For those who are using the mask for longer intervals, then the filter must be changed out at least every 14 days. The fashionable design includes a cover that is reusable and made with air mesh from exact 3D laser cutting. The filter cap comes off and you simply replace the used filtration pad with a new one and use your Fresh Air Mask all over again.

Boxes of filters can be bought separately. These filters come in packs of 5 and will be priced around ₹2,499. You can also buy replacement mask covers separately if you want to vary the colours of your mask to match your outfits. Underneath the cover, there is pretty much an N-95 mask with a one-way vent. If you take the mask apart you will see that the inner wall of the mask cover is where the motor for the fan and the battery is set. They are attached to the inner wall with two tiny magnets. The N-95 then sits on top of this arrangement, and it is what will be directly in contact with your skin.

When it comes to wearing masks on a daily basis people want something that is comfortable and easy to breathe in, which is what we get with this mask. This also helps to keep the air that you are breathing as clean and pure as possible to avoid exposure to germs and pollutants. If you want something that you can reuse over and over, and will keep you and your family safe, then you should consider checking out this model. Simply ensure that your mask is charged up fully before you head out so you can continue to enjoy the fresh, clean, and dry air that keeps you healthy.

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