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How Dark Mode Is Fostering Relaxation and Ocular Health among Android Users

Dark Mode

If you want to customize your Android mobile phone, one of the ways you can do this is by choosing the Dark mode. In this guide, we are going to discuss exactly what this mode is and the few ways that you can activate it on your mobile phone.

Understanding Dark Mode

The first thing you need to know about your Android mobile is that you don’t have to stick to white backgrounds on all of your applications, or even your drop-down screen all of the time. You have an option to select the dark mode, which means that all of your applications along with the drop-down screen and the notifications bar, will turn dark gray or black. This also means the color of your touch buttons might change and even the background on your phone might become darker.

This mode is often used when you want to relax or if you don’t want to deal with the bright white and high contrast of the automatic settings. You can make any adjustments that you might want to make in the same way as the normal mode, which means you can still adjust the brightness as well. You should think about using this setting if you don’t like the white setting and if you want something different for your phone.

How to Activate the Dark Mode

The next thing you would want to know is how you can activate this darker mode to make it easier on your eyes. If you can pull down your drop-down screen on your phone, then you might find the dark mode option there. It might not be on the first screen and that means you would need to swipe to the left or right depending on the phone and you need to figure out which is which. Once you have found the button that says dark mode, then you just need to tap it until it turns a different color. When you have done this, then the entire system color will change and you can enjoy the darker colors that would be available on all of the various applications. Alternatively, it is also possible to change it through Settings if you weren’t able to find it in the drop-down menu.

Once inside the settings, you need to search for display, which should be in the primary screen once the settings are open. Then, simply click the button where it shows Dark mode and it will automatically go to black. Depending on the mobile phone one is using, it is also possible to preset the timings to turn this setting on and off automatically.

Also, you can choose to adjust your wallpaper to the dark mode, which means it would turn a bit darker. You would also allow the phone to turn your backgrounds and text to be automatically adjusted and choose which of the many applications you want to use it as well. When this mode is on, all of the applications would automatically be set to use this. However, it is also possible to customize further and choose exactly which apps you want to use it on. Some of them don’t work as well with the dark mode, so it’s best to check them all out before deciding which ones you want to set to black and which ones you don’t.

Benefits of Using Dark Mode

There are many benefits of using the dark mode on your phone and you need to know what these are. If you are aware of the benefits, then it might be a reason for you to switch from the bright white screens you are used to. Here are a few of the top advantages that you should know about:

  • More battery life – If you are using the darker mode, which doesn’t require as much light or brightness, then the battery life of your phone will be increased and you’d be able to use it for long hours on the go. You can switch to the dark mode if your battery is low and you won’t be able to get home to charge it right away or if you aren’t near a power bank.
  • Less eye strain – Also, if you are reducing how much contrast is there between the background and the text you are reading, then your eyes will experience a much lower stress level. This also means you can have an easier time reading on your phone, which is ideal for those who use it for work and school.
  • Lower exposure to blue light – Another benefit is you are lesser exposed to blue light while using your phone in dark mode. This, in turn, induces better sleep. If you aren’t as exposed to the blue light, you will be more relaxed, especially if you are already in a dark area or laying down to sleep.

These are some of the many benefits that you might get when you consider changing your current settings to dark mode on your Android-based phone. You can choose this option for your mobile as well as on your tablet.

Remember, dark mode is a great way to reduce the stress on your eyes and keep you relaxed while increasing the battery life on your phone. Go ahead and use the drop-down menu or the settings on the mobile phone to make the changes and then you can easily customize it the same as you did before.

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