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About Facebook Watch

The first thing to know about Facebook Watch is that it’s free. It’s free of charge on-line streaming service akin to YouTube, and the 2.6 billion Facebook users can view it for free. Remember that quick, easy fresh-baked cookie recipe video that you once saw and could never find again? Well gone are those days. Now with Facebook Live you can save videos as you scroll to revisit and watch later. It is something like the streaming service of YouTube.

Just like with YouTube, on Facebook Watch too, you can upload your content. But for this, you’d need to create a Facebook page, different from your personal Facebook account. Next, you need to market your page well and gain followers. The more traffic your page has the more the chances of your upload ending up on Facebook Watch. The process involves a little more screening than is the case with uploading content on YouTube or Instagram.

Facebook discourages blatant advertisement of your brand, so for people who want their videos to end up on Facebook Watch, it is advisable to keep their content relevant, informative yet at the same time refrain from them looking like outright promotions of the products or services they are trying to sell. That being said the production quality needs to be of high quality and extremely professional. Also, if you have multiple videos at your disposal that you are ready to release at regular intervals, like a series, your chances of ending up on Facebook Watch are increased.

Facebook also launched a creator’s program for video creators where they could come together as a community to learn and grow. Here one can find all the necessary information that one may need to get started as a content creator. It aims to coach creators from the scratch for example giving them inputs on how to build their page, and then gradually move over to the greater nuances of video creation. Facebook Watch also has some cool features like Watch Parties or Watch Together, where friends can sync up and stream the same videos together.

Apart from content uploaded by Facebook users, Facebook Watch also has several of Facebook’s original contents. These are short clips promoting web-series hosted on other independent platforms. To get to these contents all one needs to do is, navigate to the Videos on Watch section of your Facebook, and click on the link called Shows at the head of the dashboard on the left. This filters out all the original uploads made by the billions of Facebook users and leaves you with just the shows.

Here we list the top ten shows on Facebook Watch that you need to check out:

The Birch: A bone-chilling monster-themed show available exclusively on Facebook Watch

Loosely Exactly Nicole – Loosely based on the life of American comedian Nicole Byer.

Limetown: This one is a slow burn, sci-fi mystery drama Starring Jessica Biel and Stanley Tucci.

Queen America: Queen America is a dark comedy starring Catherine Zeta-Jones that has come to be extremely popular.

Red Table Talk: The Red table Talk is a chat show, that was made wildly popular recently by the infamous intimate interview between Jada and Will Smith, where she confessed to infidelity on her talk show. This web TV talk show is hosted by Willow Smith, Jada, and her mother Adrienne.

Be sure to check out the coolest content on Facebook Watch and make the most of your favorite social media platform!

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