Apple Watch Series 6 Vs Fitbit Sense Comparison | Which One Is More Accurate?

Apple Watch Series 6 Vs Fitbit Sense

Apple Watch Series 6 Vs Fitbit Sense

So, you have decided to move up and finally invest in that smartwatch. Now the million-dollar question in front of you is which one? The choice is clearly between the latest from Apple, their Series 6, and Fitbit. They are both highly sophisticated, intricately beautiful devices, varying only slightly in terms of cost.

What you need to ascertain is which one of these two would potentially be a more suitable fit for you. This is naturally because each of us is expecting slightly different things from our gadgets, or our fitness goals are varied. For anyone who owns an android device, a Fitbit is an automatic choice. For iPhone users, however, there is a definitive choice to be made because iOS is compatible with both Fitbits and Apple Watches.

Comparison between Apple Watch Series 6 Vs Fitbit Sense

1. Health Monitoring

Both gadgets come with O2 sensors that measure oxygen level in the heart. Both have electrocardiogram, both track sleep and exercise. But the Fitbit goes a little further with the ECG. What the Fitbit offers over and above these regular smart watch features is a skin temperature and stress tracking. 

It is pertinent to mention here that detailed analytics with regard to their skin temperature tracking is only available when you buy a premium subscription. It’s worth noting the Apple Series 6 comes with handwash detection. When you are washing your hands, it does detect that and start a timer. If you continue for 20 secs, the recommended time for freeing your hands of germs, it does a small cheering and thumbs up. Just a fun feature keeping in mind the ordeals of 2020.

2. Software

Software used in both watches is extremely cutting edge. The Apple Series watches use a software called WatchOS, the watch also has a built-in LTE that allows one to be able to use the watch even when you don’t have your iPhone close to you. The Fitbit uses Android OS 7.0 or higher.

3. Charging

The Apple watch offers slightly faster charging.  Your watch can be charged from zero to 100 percent in 90 minutes. Most Fitbits need a couple hours to get fully charged.

4. Alarm

An exclusive feature of the Apple watch is the alarm. When you wear the watch to bed, as you probably will anyway to track sleep etc, a haptic motor tap you on the wrist as the alarm goes off. No more waking up to annoying beeps or cacophonous ringtones. Your Apple Watch will wake you by slightly tapping your wrist.

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5. Price

The Apple Series 6 is priced at INR49,900. The Fitbit Versa 3 is priced at INR30,990. There is a glaring price difference of about INR10,000. There are consumers who are ready to front that price difference just to be able to own an Apple product. But for those who do not necessarily want to break the bank, the Fitbit is a great option. It offers all of the same health monitoring tools and is available for as low as INR21,499 on leading eCommerce sites.

In conclusion, both the Apple Series 6 Watches and Fitbits Sense are great options to acquire. For the health-conscious who want to keep track of what’s going on with their bodies, keep a record of their workouts, sleep patterns, and in general, just make that shift to a more conscious and up to date health regimen either one of these super advanced smartwatches would be a great fit and an excellent motivator.

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