Alexa Vs Siri Vs Google Assistant | Which One is Better?

Alexa Vs Siri Vs Google Assistant

Alexa Vs Siri Vs Google Assistant

There are numerous smartphone-based assistants that are available today and your options mainly depend on what phone you are using. Google Assistant can be used on a wide majority of phones while Alexa is available for users of Amazon-based products. Siri on the other hand is for Apple products. If the array of alternatives has boggled your mind are you are wondering which one of these would be the right option for you, read on to see all the things you should consider before making your choice:

Which Smart Assistant is Better? Alexa Vs Siri Vs Google Assistant

Google Assistant, Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa are all improving when it comes to understanding as well as answering the questions that are being posed to them. This is due to the relentless research that is being done in the fields of machine learning and creating sophisticated algorithms, that are helping to improve the AI or artificial intelligence used in these smart-phone assistants. Some companies like Loup Ventures have tested these assistants against one another by using around 8000 questions to figure out which one got the greatest number of correct answers.

Google had answered correctly around 88% of the time, while Siri had scored about 75% and Alexa around 72.5%. They had also tested Cortana at the same time and that ended up with a 63% result. These tests were done using smart speakers and not the smartphones. The company also did an IQ test for the smart assistants to see what their capabilities were on the smartphones, which meant Cortana didn’t go for these tests.

However, Google still was at the top of the list, with a score of around 92.9% of correct answers while Siri got the answers right around 83.1% of the time and Alexa answered only 79.8% of the questions accurately. The questions that were asked of the smart assistants were typical ones like “Where is the nearest coffee shop?” and the like. These questions were designed so as to test the ability of each system to provide the most accurate information regarding local information, navigation, businesses and much more.

Those who did the test from Loup Ventures said that the rankings for both the performance as well as the IQ rankings had the same rank. However, they said that Alexa could be exonerated for the comparatively lower scores as it was negatively influenced through some commands, being as it was an application, and not fully integrated into any device or operating system. When it came to demands Siri from Apple had the best performance.

Speaking about their tests Loup Venture stated that Google Assistant fared as the top performer in almost five categories but could not do better than Siri in the Command category. Siri continued to prove more advanced with phone-related functions such as calling, texting, emailing, calendar, and music. Being as it is embedded into the OS of the phones, both Siri and Google Assistant surpassed Alexa in the Command section by a mile. Alexa is hosted on a third-party app, which, although it is able to send voice messages and call other Alexa devices, is unable to send text messages, emails, or initiate phone calls.

This means that to answer the question about which virtual assistant is the best, it can only be determined based on what you want it to do and what your expectations are from it. If you want one that would give you the correct answers to local questions or other queries, then you should use Google Assistant to get the most accurate information. However, if you want it to perform various tasks and demands, then Siri will be at the top of your list if you are using an Apple phone. People who don’t have an Apple-based phone should be able to use Google Assistant for everything that they need.

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