The 5G Technology and Reliance Jio 5G Phones

5G technology and Reliance Jio 5G

Faster and faster the world is heading towards a more stable and quicker web association. We are being told the world needs 5G to power the gadgets of tomorrow. The 5G technology will increase internet speed and support more devices without latency. Nations all over the world are starting to set up their own 5G towers in order to test the internet and offer this new service to customers as quickly as possible.

US, China and South Korea are world leaders in technology. India is one of the many countries that are participating in this testing along with Jio and other companies who are doing the testing as well. Huawei leads, with the most number of 5G patents. They have 3007 patent families. Subsequently, Samsung and LG have 2317 and 2147 patent families respectively. Nokia, Ericsson, and Qualcomm have the 4th, 5th, and 6th place.

Jio has been planning to launch a new android device that has the capacity to handle 5G and is at the same time accessible in terms of price. They have collaborated with Google. Jio intends to use OS Android Go, but there have been speculations about Google developing a customized Jio OS for this purpose.

Launch Date of Jio Phone 5G

This phone was expected to hit the market on 24th June, but that has not materialized. Perhaps we can expect a lunch in the near future. Once launched it is expected to be the world’s cheapest 5G phone and in India, the prices could start as low as INR 2,500. There is no information regarding pre-ordering Jio 5G phones yet.

There is conjecture that the phone could have Qualcomms’ Snapdragon 480 5G chipset, which is commonly used in budget 5G phones.  However, for now, any information regarding the phone or the price is merely speculation and shouldn’t be considered as final prices or specifications.

Jio’s India Based 5G Testing

Currently, the trials for 5G are happening all over India and they are being done by four telecom companies, Jio, VI, Airtel, and MTNL. Jio is using some standalone architecture for the 5G testing, which incorporates trials of radio and core networks being used to reach peak data loads, latency, and speed. The feature is being tested by Jio in Mumbai and it has increased the number of testing cities through partnering up with various companies.

They are partnered with Samsung, Nokia, and Ericsson to reach Gujarat, Pune, Delhi and Mumbai, and other cities. Their network is optimally equipped to transition smoothly from 4G to 5G. The latest tests have shown that when using 5G the speed for downloading data would be around 1 GPBS, but when this overall speed will be available to the public is a major question.

Out of all the 4 telecom providers, Reliance Jio would be the first to launch 5G technology in India. This new and fast service is what the entire country is waiting for and Jio will be the first company to give the public access to it.

Reliance Jio recently tied up with Intel Corp on a project to develop 5G technology. Interestingly, Intel has software called FlexRAN that permits software companies to write codes for 5G networks. The 5G technology is all set to take the Internet of Things to the next level.

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