5 IoT Devices that are indispensable for Your Smart Home

When setting up a smart home, numerous IoT-based devices are available today. But have you ever wondered, if you could only have five, what would be those top five IoT devices? Here’s a list of what we believe would be the most indispensable additions to your Smart Home.

Top IoT Devices for Any Smart Home

1. Bose Home Speaker 500

Play music throughout your smart home using these Bose Smart Speakers that are compatible with all the three major Smart Home platforms, namely Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Airplay. Connect them using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With eight built-in microphones, this speaker has an efficient ear for voice commands. It has an attractive little rectangular digital display with a digital clock.

2. Philips Hue smart bulb

If you own a Smart Home system, you already know that the two ways you can have smart lighting in your house if either by using a light bulb that is smart or making the switch that controls the light bulbs smart. There are smart Homes that combine these two methods for smart lighting. Having Smart Lighting for your home is superbly convenient, and ergonomic. You can turn off the lights around the entire house at night, or when you leave, by just using a voice command.

These bulbs can even go from daylight to warm light or be set to routines to suit moods during different parts of the day. The Philips Hue smart bulbs are Bluetooth-capable bulbs that connect directly with your phone and lets you pick the colour of the light to set the right atmosphere for your needs. This can be connected to Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and even Amazon Alexa to cover whatever smart control system you have set up in your home.

3. 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat

Next thing we want to talk about is Smart Climate Control for your Smart Home. These are Wi-Fi-connected thermostats that you can control seamlessly through your voice assistants. Our pick is the 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat made by Google. While this product may not be cheap, it is a really good one. Installation is easy and can be done by the user by installing the Nest App which will walk one through the installation process. Everything needed to install this Smart Thermostat comes with it inside the box on purchase. There is also an installation service called Nest Pro to help with the installation in case the user is unable to do it themselves. As you start to use this Smart Thermostat, it begins to learn and retain your preferences.

Also, it adjusts the temperature inside the house using its smart knowledge of the temperature outside the house. Therefore, on a super-hot day, you can count on the Nest Thermostat to adjust itself reasonably and you don’t have to get up and tweak the controls. However, if you ever did want to tweak the temperature on your thermostat, you still would not need to get up from your seat. You can just use the app on your smartphone or your web browser. 

The Nest Thermostat is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. Another great feature is the temperature sensors that can be bought separately and placed in different rooms, which lets the thermostat aggregate the temperature reading from different parts of the house to bring you a true home temperature.

4. Nest Smart Home Security

The Nest Smart Home Security mainly comprises the video doorbell, the Nest Indoor camera, the indoor-outdoor camera, and the floodlight camera. This line of home Security is brand new and is currently available for pre-order. It is due to launch at the end of August and will see significant upgrades in terms of features, as well as competitive pricing.

The video doorbell is wireless and has an impressively wide-field view both vertically and horizontally. The security cameras have on-device processing, which means your data stays secure and it is not necessarily be shared with Google. Videos are encrypted. The indoor camera is small, ergonomic, and wired.

The battery-powered indoor-outdoor camera is wireless and can be placed anywhere in the property that has a Wi-Fi connection. The indoor-outdoor camera is weather resistant. The flood-light camera meant for outdoor usage, is more high-end. It produces crystal clear security footage even in low light or during the night. It comes with a camera mount and a charger.

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5. Smart Plugs

Last but not least, we have something to tie all the appliances and accessories in your Smart Home together. A simple unassuming Smart Plug can help you do just that. These Wi-Fi-enabled plugs can help convert anything attached to them into a smart appliance which can be then controlled through voice assistants. They have cool features like energy monitoring which lets you track the energy consumption on an appliance. Smart plugs are generally compatible with all of the major Smart Home platforms.

These are some of the top IoT devices that should cover all the core aspects of an efficient Smart Home System, namely music and media, lighting, climate, security, and appliances. The more knowledge one has when deciding on the various smart home devices, the better the choices that they will be disposed to make. Consider your needs carefully before setting out to install your Smart Home System, zero in on the platforms you feel most comfortable with, and only then start making your purchases.

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