10 Best Dishwasher to Buy in India 2021 – Price & Features

Best Dishwashers Buy

10 Best Dishwashers 2021

Dishwashers are fast becoming adopted in the modular kitchens of the Indian middle and upper-middle class. People seem to have finally overcome the scepticism about the usefulness of a dishwasher in the ambit of India’s kitchens. Are they suitable for Indian utensils, will they remove the tough Indian Haldi and tadka stains? Well, turns out, the dishwasher will do all that and much more. A Dishwasher can be placed either in the kitchen if it is large enough, or in the utility area of a house.

There are two types of Dishwasher. Integrated and Freestanding. An integrated dishwasher is built into your modular kitchen. This type of Dishwasher will be set to match the look and feel of your kitchen cabinetry. It will not stand out and in fact, will be barely perceptible with only its control panels being on display. A Freestanding Dishwasher will fit into any kitchen and is not customized. All major brands of dishwashers offer both these options to their customers.

The next thing to consider while buying a dishwasher is the size of your family. Based on that, one may have to choose between a full-size dishwasher that may be 60 cms wide and hold up to 150 items or a slimline dishwasher about 45 cms wide. Slimlines too are able to hold up to 100 items.

We have created a list of the Ten Best Dishwasher Brands in India to help you understand everything about Dishwashers and answer all your questions regarding their specifications, features, and prices. Two key factors to watch out for while deciding on which dishwasher to buy are, the Place Setting and the Wash Program.

One place setting may be approximately expected to consist of one large dinner plate, a smaller snack plate, one saucer, a bowl, one teacup, one drinking glass, a knife, two teaspoons, a fork and one smaller salad fork. Furthermore, if you are planning to use the dishwasher once a day with all your dirty utensils at one go, you will do fine with a dishwasher that has a full load program. All Dishwashers will have this.

However, if you want to do your dishes every time a few of them pile up on your sink, you might want to ensure that your dishwasher has a half load program as well. Without further ado, let’s take a look at The Top Ten Dishwashers to buy in India are:

1. IFB Neptune VX

The IFB Neptune VX priced at ₹39,990, comes with a Cutlery Rack, Mug Shelf, Adjustable Upper Basket, Foldable Plate Racks on Lower Basket and Removable Cutlery Basket. Available Wash programs are Auto Intense (60°C – 70°C), suitable for Pots, Pans and Kadhais, Auto Normal (50°C – 60°C), and Auto Delicate (30°C – 50°C) suitable for cleaning crystal or glassware. The IFB Neptune VX has 12 place settings. This model is energy efficient, offers both Quick and Eco modes for fast or ergonomic cleaning. Wash Modes available are Full Load and Flexi Half Load.

2. Bosch

The Bosch 12 Place Setting Dishwasher priced at ₹42,100.00 is next on our list of the Top Ten Dishwashers available in India. The 12 Place Setting is ideal for a family of 4-6 members. This dishwasher comes with 6 Wash Programs including Eco Wash and the coveted Half Load option. It also has an Extra Dry feature, which gives the utensils some additional drying minutes for thorough drying. If you are looking for a dishwasher with a Child Lock feature, this model from Bosch offers that too. Other Smart Functions include Load Sensor and Aqua Sensor.

3. The Whirlpool PowerClean Dishwasher

This is another great Dishwasher priced at ₹42,000.00 powered by an intelligent 6th Sense Technology. The machine detects how dirty the batch of dishes are and delivers optimal cleaning, while also saving time & water. This dishwasher is ideal for a bigger family as it comes with 14 Place Settings. The Whirlpool PowerClean Dishwasher can deliver spotless wash and dry in 1 hour.

4. Siemens

The Siemens 14 Place Settings Dishwasher is priced at ₹53,500.00. It offers features like the Half Load, iQDrive and Child Lock Control. The design is sleek and can fit into small kitchens with ease. The iQdrive makes the machine energy efficient and noiseless. This dishwasher also has a separate drying option. The Aqua Stop and Time Delay features make it an ideal machine for those who want to run their dishwasher while they are away at work, or simply not at home. This dishwasher also offers many levels of flexibility. The height of the top basket is adjustable, the VarioSpeed ensures 50% shorter wash cycles, while the varioFlex baskets & varioDrawer make loading dishes a breeze.

5. LG 14 Place Settings Wi-Fi Dishwasher

Next one on our list of Best Dishwashers available in India, is this LG Dishwasher priced at ₹69990. It has 14 Place Setting and uses an Inverter Direct Drive Technology which makes the machine impressively noiseless. It has all the features like Time Delay, Child Lock, Half Load, Eco Wash as well as a height-adjustable upper rack. However, the two features that make this dishwasher stand out, are TrueSteam and QuadWash. The TrueSteam technology soaks the dirty utensils in high-temperature steam to deliver spotless cleaning while QuadWash ensures cleaning from every angle through high-pressure jets and multi-motion spray arms. Downloading the LG ThinQ smartphone app, it is possible to download additional wash cycles to use on the machine. The Smart Diagnosis feature makes it possible to solve problems quickly and efficiently without needing to call a technician every time for support. 

6. Voltas Beko

This is an 8 Place Setting, portable, Table Top Dishwasher priced at ₹ 25,990.00. It can wash up to 96 dishes. It’s suitable for small families and people who don’t plan to spend a lot buying a dishwasher. This dishwasher comes with 6 Wash Programs, namely, Intensive, Normal, Eco, Glass Care, Clean and Shine and a Mini 30 Program. It has two Spray arms to cover the upper and lower racks. The Mini 30 Program is useful for lightly soiled utensils that need a rapid wash and doesn’t necessarily need drying. 

7. Faber 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

Another great Dishwasher option to consider for your kitchen. Comes with 6 Wash Programs, includes all important functions like Half Load and Time Delay, as well as more cutting-edge ones such as Natural Drying, Power Memory and Electronic Aqua stop. Racks are height adjustable and foldable. Faber 12 Place Settings Dishwasher is priced at ₹39,990.

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8. Godrej DWF EON VES

This Dishwasher from the Godrej powerhouse packs features like Steam Wash, high-temperature Hygiene disinfecting program, BLDC Inverter technology, Eco mode, 14 mins Jet Wash program for quickly cleaning lightly soiled utensils, Triple wash function and anti-bacterial filter. Godrej DWF EON VES has 13 place settings and is energy efficient. This Dishwasher is priced at ₹47,400.00.

9. Hafele Aqua 12S Dishwasher

The key features of this dishwasher are hygienic and quiet washing. The utensils come out not just squeaky clean but also 99.9% germs and bacteria-free. This machine comes with 12 place settings, an additional Cutlery Basket, nylon-coated racks for better glass care and an effective filtration system. It has 6 Wash Programs including Eco Wash and Rapid Wash. This dishwasher also offers Half Load, Time Delay and Child Lock functions. Hafele is a trusted German brand that has been in the business of manufacturing state of the art appliances since 1923. This Hafele Dishwasher is priced at ₹50,990.

10. Smeg LVS222BIN

The last one on our list of Top Ten Dishwashers to buy in India, is the high-end Smeg 13 place setting Freestanding Dishwasher with Orbital Washing System. Smeg is an Italian Company and their products are bought all over the world. This Dishwasher is priced at ₹85,995.00. This model is energy-efficient, comes with a foldable lower basket rack, upper basket with two levels of height adjustment, Delay timer option of 3, 6 and 9 hours, Eco wash and 5 Wash Programs. The Orbital Washing System used in this Smeg Dishwasher uses a double spray arm with a contra-rotating movement that ensures water reaches evenly to every corner of the chamber to bring you impeccable cleaning. The Ultraclean Program finishes with a high-temperature anti-bacteria rinse and gives the dishes an additional sanitizing and deep bacterial cleaning.

Note: Please keep in mind that wooden, aluminium, brass or copper utensils cannot be washed in dishwashers. They won’t be cleaned properly and will probably end up with ugly stains on them.

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